Eddy Current Crack Detection instrument WRP


The WRP-A01 is a production proven EDDY CURRENT instrument for detecting cracks, seams, porosity and/or other flaws on metal parts.

Available in a single or multi-channel version, the single channel WRP-A01 has a 3⁄4 19“ enclose (height 3 TE, width 63 TE).
The instrument contains the main power supply, the oscillator module, the probe power amplifier, the signal conditioning controller and an internal bus for multi-channel operation.

Output connectors for the crack-signal, the strobescope and accept/reject signals are located at the back panel of the instrument.

The WRP-A01 instrument is delivered with all required cables (probe cable length 1,8m with self-locking connectors and armored). A latching lock or, as option, a lock with key is provided with the front panel cover.

The price of this instrument does not include any probes because they must be selected according to the application.

kleine-sondenauswahl-300x201Here you find a small choice of our extensive program of probes. Additional to our standard probes with 9,5 mm, 5,5 mm and 3 mm diameter, our instruments also work with probes in different angles. Depending on the individual needs probes with 45° or 90° will be used. For unapproachable positions like, for example, corners and triangles a special 5,5 mm sharp pointed probe is available.

You find technical informations about our extensive program of probes in our special brochures.

Instrument Parameters & Settings:

Filter: On / Off for elimination of disturbances
Velocity: Slow / Normal / Fast. Internal filter for compensation of background noise and runout
Sensitivity:: 0 – 100% gain control of the crack signal
Frequency: 20 KHz / 50 KHz / 80 KHz.
Trigger: Internal / external test start signal.
Internal: By part proximity
External: Via timed PLC controller
Status: Accept / Reject. LCD display of results after each testcycle. Auto control of potential free output for external gating
Probe test: LED indicator lights for: Probe Liftoff (OK/Out of limits) Probe Error (Probe defect) Cable Error (Cable defect)

wpa-beispielteile-300x225Practical usage of our crack detection technics:

  • Axles
  • Crosspieces
  • Bearing items
  • Cases
  • Disks
  • Sensor- and Clutchrings
  • Ballpins
  • Gear Wheels

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