LAW NDT manufactures an extensive range of probes which, with its large number of sensors, serves a wide variety of application areas in measurement and testing technology. The LAW NDT probes with their multitude of options have proven themselves particularly in challenging connection conditions.


In order to be able to map the widest possible range of test tasks, LAW NDT has developed a large number of coils. Due to the robust and individual design, they guarantee reliable data collection in the most diverse areas of measurement and testing technology.


The probe cables from LAW NDT are the connection between the sensor and the electronics. They often have to withstand strong environmental influences and still guarantee reliable transmission of the measurement data. Shielding, flexibility and high strength against mechanical and chemical influences are therefore their most important properties.

Specific spare parts

The construction of customer-specific test systems is the core competence of LAW NDT. In order to guarantee the long-term supply of the specific spare parts, construction plans and data are archived over a long period of time. We can manufacture many parts promptly in our own production facility.


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