The WRP eddy current crack detectors are used to determine cracks, overlaps, notches, pores, to
find voids on or just below the surface and to detect weld seams in metallic materials.

Built-in device
Table-top device
The eddy current crack detectors from LAW NDT are available in two versions. On the one hand as table-top devices, for manual testing, random sample testing, laboratory work and experiments. On the other hand, as built-in devices for integration in test systems for automated 100% quality control in the production line.
The WRP is available with one to four channels as standard. The basic version consists of a housing, a power supply unit for the internal power supply, an oscillator plug-in unit with power probe driver stage, digital measurement data acquisition and evaluation, a BUS system with free spaces for later channel expansion, signal and stroboscope outputs for display of measurement curves and fault localization on the test part as well as an Interface with a potential-free output for automatic part sorting.
The scope of delivery includes all connection cables for additional devices, a 1.8 m long PVC probe cable with single-core shielding and self-locking precision connectors. The table housing can also be equipped with a lockable hinged cover, and the probe cable is available with a steel jacket to protect against mechanical damage with an oil-repellent PVC coating. The devices can also be expanded to include features such as rotation monitoring and distance compensation.

Performance data

On off
Elimination of interference on the transducer


Slow / Normal / Fast
Adaptation of the measured value acquisition to the relative travel speed between the probe and the test part


Amplification of the measured input signal of the crack detection probe


20 KHz / 50 KHz / 80 KHz
Test frequency for adaptation to the test criteria of the test part

Measuring cycle

Internal / external
Internal: Measuring cycle activation via the approach of the probe to the test part
External: Measuring cycle activation via a machine control from the outside


Good / reject
Optical display of the test result after each measuring cycle with automatic control of the potential-free contact for sorting parts

Probe test

Status display showing that the distance between probe and test part is too great, as well as error messages in the event of interrupted or defective measuring transducers


Brochure (in progress)
Technical data sheet (in progress)
Manual (in progress)
Drawings (in progress)
The non-destructive eddy current test method with the highly developed measuring and sensor technology is used both for the automated 100% quality control in the production line and by manual operation in the incoming goods department or laboratory.
classic areas of application



Ball studs



Axle shafts

Bearing elements



Sensor rings

Coupling rings

Triple clamps


Bevel gears

Sintered parts

Other fasteners

and much more

Lockable hinged lid

For controlled access to the measuring device by authorized personnel.

Anti-twist device

For the reproducible exchange of probes.

Additional shielding

To reduce interference in an electromagnetic environment that is heavily polluted.

Probe protection

Plastic frame to protect the probe against impact damage.

Rotation monitoring

For monitoring the movement of the test piece in front of the differential crack detection probe.

Distance compensation

To reduce the pseudo rejects from test systems when the distance between the test part and the
transducer fluctuates.


Individual software for displaying and evaluating the measurement results, PC or IOT based.

Eddy current crack test LAW NDT – brochure

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Eddy current crack detection device WRP - technical data sheet

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Eddy Current Crack Detector WRP - Operating Instructions

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Basics and Benefits of Eddy Current Crack Testing – Article

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Distance compensation – presentation

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Christoph Kaiser
Technical management



Lea Krämer
Sales Contact


The development of the eddy current crack detectors from LAW NDT is based on over 30 years of specific industry knowledge. Development, production, sales and service are all in one hand at LAW NDT. We combine our own expert knowledge with the practical experience of our customers.

In our calibration laboratory, we ensure the reliable and error-free function of your devices, probes and coils. Whether one-time calibration or maintenance contract – we offer the solution that fits your needs.


You have an application where you are not sure how to reliably perform the inspection task? A standard device is not sufficient for your requirements? Contact us, we will work out the right solution for you!

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