WRP is a production proven eddy current instrument for detecting cracks, seams, porosity, blowholes near the surface and/or other flaws on metal parts.

The basic version comprises a desk housing with width 63 TE and height 3 HE, power supply for internal voltage supply, the oscillator module, the probe power amplifier, the signal conditioning controller and an internal bus for multi-channel operation.

Output connectors for the crack-signal, the strobescope and accept/reject signals are located at the back panel of the instrument.

The WRP instrument is delivered furthermore with all required cables for ancillary equipment (probe cable length 1,8m with self-locking precision connectors and armored). Again extra costs the desk housing will be delivered with a latching lock and the probe cable with steel casing against mechanical destruction with an oil PVC coating.


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Crack detection instrument WRP

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