For the detection of cracks, overlaps, grooves and surface defects the eddy current methods are the first choice. In close cooperation wih our suppliers and in direct contact with our clients, we develop specific solutions.

Crack detection system

Our automated systems for crack detection will be designed according the application to be fulfilled determined by the client and then constructively implemented. Crack detection systems of LAW-NDT comprise a further spectrum of detection parts. In addition to the focus on fastening elements sintered parts axles and axle shafts are included in the frequently tested components. Apart from the rotationally symmeteric parts, through digitalization and by means of the latest signal processing technique also parts of polygonal shapes and contours can be tested to 100% in the production line

Crack detection instrument

For the eddy current testing apart from the test device a probe and the appropriate connection cable is required. The differential probes are available in various versions: from 3.5 mm probe shot to the 9.5 mm test probe the various diameters are also available in various geometrics. No matter if cone point probe or flat probe angled or gently angled – all designs are compatible to the systems and can be replaced depending on the application.


Axles and axle shafts

Fastening elements


Bearing items



Sensor- and Clutchrings


Gear Wheels

Sintered parts

Crack Testing

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