The WGP-AVF-01 is a solid and – since a long time – reliable unit for fast evaluation of structure differences, material mix-up, hardness depth etc.

he high velocity of sweep in all test criteria like material-mix-up or different hardness-depth is perfectly suitablel for sorting of screws, balls, needles, camshafts etc. Approved from the industry under differing working conditions 100%- it can be used both for automatic or manual testing. Furthermore different probes and spools can be connected allowing high flexibility as well as reasonable prices.

The eddy current hardness tester is recognized worldwide in the automotive industry and their suppliers for both the high repeat-accuracy and the simple operation.

Typical applications are mixtures, heat-treatment, surface-hardness, hardness-depth or material-mix-up. Either probes or spools are used, depending on the application. The limits for good/reject-parts are compared with the masterpieces and adjusted through a potentiometer. A red/green display shows the actual state of the test piece. In the lines of production sorting switches can be operated with the good/reject signals. In automatic sequences of operations up to 10.000 pieces/hr can be tested. A potential-free relay takes care of an automatic and dependable sorting.

 Main features:
• User-friendly: Input and adjusting effort is minimal, and because of plug-in-cards it is easy to repair.
• Adaptable: With spools, the fill factor is to be neglected in wide areas; probes need no direct contact with the examined part.
• Flexible testing: Laboratory and production units can test the most different pieces with the connecting of a probe or spool. The WGP-AVF-01 has an examining frequency of 100 Hz up to 10 KHz. It allows the analysis of single problems in the laboratory as well as a wide range of test pieces for a fast operation in the line of production.


Axles and axle shafts

Fastening elements

Bearing items



Sensor- and Clutchrings


Gear Wheels

Sintered parts

Eddy Current Hardness Tester WGP

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