Quality control by optical image recognition systems and sensors gain more in importance in the various appications. This comprises among others the automated quality control as well as the measurement and testing technology.
The automated optical testing is always used when processes with different basic requirements can be automated.

Our task is to set up an optimum configuration for the individual requirements of your quality control in order to provide you with a system or special machine to the best possible price.
Therefore we collaborate with highly specialized supplier companies to ensure always a sustainable optimum on cycle time, precision and cost efficiency.

We integrate various camera systems in our system or special machines. We are particuarly flexible independent of suppliers or brands and focus solely on your wishes and requirements.
You will receive a professional complete system with camera and laser technology, tailored exactly to your requirements.

In case of complex systems or more complicated handling of parts we will always find thanks to our long standing experience a solution that will be at your satisfaction.

By combination with further testing technologies we will offer you a testing station solution at first hand.
Optical inspection systems, designed plant will fulfil automatic process with small cycle times, which otherwise could only be processed with considerable effort.

Moreover „on-site training“ courses enable our customers to carry out the required parameter changes to the image evaluation algorithms in the case of minor product changes so as to ensure a smooth production flow.


To detect volumes and forms

To inspect surfaces

To dectect scratches, cracks and paintwork damage

To determine colours and inclusions

To check relief markings

To check strip products, curved and reflecting surfaces

Check for completeness

To read codes

Optical Testing

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