The service from LAW NDT will not let you down: Whether you only need a small spare part or on-site help from a service technician – we offer you our 24-hour on-site service. Within this period of time, we develop suitable solutions for you and your concerns and are there for you personally if necessary.


Often the tasks are expanded within a measuring and testing arrangement. Another specification is to be added or an existing arrangement has to be converted to other materials. LAW NDT accompanies you in such situations with trained specialist staff and inserts the required retrofitting into the existing measuring and testing process.

Maintenance of own systems

LAW NDT offers you the maintenance and repair of all devices and systems from our delivery program. This service gives you the security of a stable and reliable operation and reduces wear and tear and unnecessary downtime. You can also secure the extended warranty on your new system, with manufacturer maintenance after 12 months of operation.

Maintenance of external systems

LAW NDT also provides services for third-party systems. The systems, including accessories, can be serviced by our technicians if necessary. This means that the usability of third-party measuring and testing systems is maintained over the long term. We would be happy to work out a maintenance plan for your company.

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