LAW-NDT quality targets

law-grundsatz1Customer Satisfaction:
The supreme quality target of LAW-NDT is the lasting customer satisfaction. It is our challenge to be aware of the requirements of our customers and to find a technically competent and cost effective solution. This includes a long term support with after-sales-service.

LAW-NDT wants to convince with the quality of it’s performance and so to contribute to the economical success of the client.

law-grundsatz2logo-282x300We aim for a smoothly running initial operation on schedule as well as a high and long term availability of the delivered systems. That means high standards of the quality of

  • design and construction,
  • project planning and handling,
  • suppliers and
  • all components.

Our suppliers are our partners. Therefore our requirements for quality are valid also for them and their products.

law-grundsatz3Competence of members of staff:
Dedicated and competent members of staff are the fundament for LAW-NDT’s success. They are also the basis for the quality management system. To maintain the best possible competence and commitment of the members of staff, LAW-NDT looks for the necessary appliances. This applies for the professional and further training as well as for the required organizational and substantial assistance within the team.

All members of staff of LAW-NDT take part in the continuous process of quality improvement.