Whether maintenance, retrofitting or repair – we provide you with a complete service


Wear parts

Even devices and accessories of the highest quality contain wearing parts or may lose functionality due to wear and tear, environmental conditions or handling. LAW NDT will repair the defect for you and restore the functionality of your device.

Rental equipment

You cannot spare your defective device? Ask about our rental devices for bridging.


Would you like to protect yourself from unplanned outages? Arrange regular maintenance or calibration of your devices with us.

You would like to send one or more items for repair?


When designing measuring and testing systems, we at LAW NDT attach great importance to the possibility of later conversion or retrofitting in order to maintain and expand the cost-effectiveness of the systems.

After over 30 years of experience in the design of machines and systems as well as the sale of devices in measurement and testing technology, we know what is important. LAW NDT therefore offers a technical application service to upgrade existing systems so that they can meet the latest technical requirements and ensure economical operation.

If you are not sure whether your systems can meet the new requirements and where the line lies between conversion, retrofitting, adaptation and new purchase, ask our experienced experts.

Would you like to retrofit one or more items?

Maintenance of own systems

The service from LAW NDT gives you the security of stable and process-reliable operation of our systems and devices. Through preventative maintenance and servicing, based on specially tailored maintenance and service planning, you maintain safety for people and machines. You can also significantly minimize wear and reduce downtime.

Service work should therefore be carried out by trained LAW NDT technicians at defined intervals. The settings and functionality are checked and the work is completed with a calibration of the measuring and testing system.

Regular maintenance by LAW NDT ensures that your measuring and testing system functions properly and safely. Maintenance protects against loss of value and unexpected failures. The service life of your measuring and testing system is also significantly extended.

Does one of your systems need maintenance?

Maintenance of third-party systems

What applies to LAW-NDT systems, our service department also handles third-party systems. Here too, we recommend regular maintenance intervals. This maintenance ensures that the measuring and testing systems remain operational in the long term. On request, we can carry out service work for you in accordance with the relevant operating and maintenance instructions. Our technicians also monitor the individual maintenance intervals. The condition and any defects found in the systems are documented as part of the maintenance work and further maintenance measures are proposed and carried out.

Does one of your systems need maintenance?