Classic systems

LAW NDT measuring and testing systems are developed, designed and implemented individually for the customer product. Depending on the test criteria, LAW NDT offers a combination of suitable processes that can be integrated as stations in the system: 

Eddy current testing

Eddy current testing technology is considered a classic in the field of non-destructive testing. With over 35 years of experience, this process is one of LAW NDT’s core competencies.

For detecting cracks, overlaps, notches,
surface defects, etc. is the eddy current testing technique
the first choice. LAW NDT offers both the use of
in-house, robust analog devices as well as modern
digital variants for use in the testing systems.

For test criteria such as material mix-up or
different hardening depths is the high
throughput speed ideal for economical
sorting screws, balls, needles, shafts, etc.

For testing heat treatment, material mixing
and hardness of finished parts made of aluminum, copper, bronze
and other non-ferrous metals including LiAl alloys.

Optical testing

LAW NDT integrates various software and camera systems to create an optimal configuration for the customer’s individual quality control requirements.

Dimensional control to determine, for example, length, height,
width dimensions, diameter, straightness, etc. Depending on
customer wishes and test part requirements,
various structures and manufacturers can be offered.

Test station with comparative procedures for testing of
contours, coatings, color recognition,
assembly testing, etc., also possible as a 360° setup

combines various rules and procedures of the
dimensional and comparison control and delivers using AI
new and secure testing and evaluation options, e.g.
in the areas of defect detection, contour testing,
identification/OCR, assembly inspection, etc..

Tactile and combined testing methods

LAW NDT offers continuous tactile testing methods for the efficient testing of components. For more complex tasks, the tactile methods are supplemented by optical methods, for example.

Continuous attack testing as a tactile method, through the use of a test specimen, both inside and outside of screws, bolts, etc.

To check the straightness of fasteners, such as
screws, bolts, etc.

Continuous testing of tightening and torques
of pre-assembled workpieces.

Extensions and accessories

LAW NDT offers various, individual extensions for the systems in order to provide their customers with a a complete solution from a single source. Complex tasks (beyond testing) can be automated efficiently.